Legal Aid & Help with costs

We provide our expert services to both Legal Aid and Private Clients. If you would like to discuss your eligibility for legal aid then one of our solicitors would be happy to help. Shelley & Co provide a fixed fee service at highly competitive rates for clients who do not qualify for legal aid.

We are happy to accept instructions both on a legal aid and private, fee paying, basis. Our philosophy is to provide you with the highest quality of service no matter how your case is funded.


Legal Aid at the police station, magistrates’ and crown court

If you are being interviewed at the police station, or at home by a police officer, then there is no need to worry about costs. Our advice and assistance is free of charge to you.

For magistrates’ court cases then you will be entitled to legal aid for representation provided you pass a means and merits test, both set by the Legal Aid Agency. If you are granted legal aid then our services are free of charge to you as your defence costs will be paid for by the Legal Aid Agency under our firm’s Criminal Defence Contract.

Legal aid is available for almost all cases in the crown court although if you have a high income then you may have to pay a contribution, however, this would be refunded in full if you are found ‘not guilty’.

Private representation

If you are not eligible for legal aid then we can offer fixed fees quotes for most cases. Our costs will obviously vary from case to case depending on what work is involved, however, the sums below will give you an estimate of how much our costs are likely to be.

  • Letters in mitigation – £100.00
  • Initial advice – £200.00
  • Guilty pleas and incidental hearings – £500.00
  • Special Reasons and Exceptional Hardship arguments – £600.00
  • Magistrates’ Court trials – we prefer to operate on a fixed fee basis, so that you know upfront what your legal representation will cost. Most trial fees will range from between £1,000-£1,500. Please contact us for a quote.

These amounts include all hearings, preparation, letters and advocacy. However, they are exclusive of VAT and any disbursements for experts’ reports, etc.

Like every firm of solicitors, we will require payment of our costs up front.

If you plead not guilty and you are acquitted then the court will reimburse most, if not all, of your legal expenses.

The cost of private representation in the Crown Court will depend on a number of factors and should you wish to discuss this then please feel free to contact us.


The Shelley & Co team is made up of eight experienced and talented lawyers who between them undertake police station, magistrates’ court and crown court work.

Mark Shelley
Senior Partner
Jacqui Appleton
Simon Rice
Nick Symonds